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With over 20-years experience as a business consultant in the corporate world, founder Paula started Revolu Consulting to create a new approach to risk management, health benefits consulting and cybersecurity solutions.  With a passion for problem-solving, project management, strategic insight and working with small businesses, she offers an innovative and fully customizable solution that will fit your business needs.  Her core values are the basis of her strong client relationships and success.




Excellent Program on The Dark Web. Program made us aware of how The Dark Web can access your web sites and programs. Would definitely recommend to fellow managers.

Ron | Manager
Winkel, Parker & Foster

This presentation was outstanding and very eye-opening. It’s definitely something that I believe should be shared within our organization to ensure that everyone understands what’s at stake when IT sends out those fake “phishing” emails to test our vigilance. Thank you for sharing this content!

Enrique | Manager
Diamondback Energy

This was an extremely interesting webinar. It far exceeded my expectations and captivated me for the entire class. The majority of the information was new material for me. I have had cybersecurity classes for other CPE credit but none of those other classes ever mentioned the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

Michelle | Partner
Lohman Company

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