Tech tips

What is Multi-factor authentication?

There are some very basic security measures you can use that offer high levels of protection for your business.  Our video explains what it MFA is, how it works, and why you really want to start using it in your business. 

So you’ve tapped a bad link
on your phone?

We’ve all done it – tapped a link, realized it’s not what we thought it was, and then wondered what damage it might cause to our phone.  First of all, don’t panic.  But then, take action.  Our video talks about 2 things you need to be aware of. 

OneDrive saves the day as your portable scanner

There you are, working from home and getting things done, until suddenly… you need to print, sign and scan a document.  You’ve got a printer, but no scanner. How can you get this done today?  Microsoft 365 to the rescue! There’s a scanner built into an app you may already be using. Here’s everything you need to know.

The data security equivalent of leaving your windows open

We all take great care to keep our homes secure, yet some business owners don’t apply the same attitude towards their business’s data security.  There are actually a lot more people trying to access your business’s data, than hoping to steal your TV.  Here are four main ways to improve your business’s data security.

How to spot a ransomware attack before proper damage is done

One of the most terrifying things that can happen to your business is a ransomware attack. This is where hackers take control of your network and encrypt all your data, making it unusable. They won’t undo the damage unless you pay a big ransom fee.  The one upside of this is you can keep an eye out for symptoms you’ve been breached. Here are 3 ways you can see if hackers are already in your system.

Which of these phishing scams have you heard of?

You’ve probably heard of phishing.  It’s where criminals send you an email, pretending to be someone else (like your bank), trying to get sensitive information from you.  But what about vishing? And smishing? And whaling?  These are all forms of phishing designed to steal your information, and ultimately your money.  We explore each of these in the video, because the more aware you and your staff are; the better protected you’ll be.